CAM Funds The New School of San Francisco

One of only two charters serving the city of San Francisco, The New School of San Francisco has recently expanded its classes from Kindergarten to 5th grade to now serving up through 8th grade. In order to support their growing enrollment, New School turned to CAM for ongoing working capital. 

In 2015, The New School of San Francisco opened its doors with a belief that holistic education could instill a love of learning and prepare students and families for future success. They’ve stayed true to that belief as they continue to grow by bringing on more educators and facilitators to maintain the personalized approach to learning for each child. By ensuring each person feels physically and emotionally safe in the school environment, learners are better able to engage with their own academic and social development. 
As The New School continues to grow alongside its students, CAM is pleased to support them through charter school funding programs that vary to meet the needs of each institution.