CAM’s Revolving Credit Lines are designed to mitigate cash flow challenges and help institutions manage large expenditures while having maximum flexibility on the line usage. Revolving loans are typically 1 to 3 years in length with principal and interest payments monthly on the average outstanding balance.

Manage your institution’s cash flow with confidence. CAM’s Revolving Credit Lines for higher education provide flexible access to funds when you need them most. Cover unexpected expenses, bridge seasonal budget fluctuations, and invest in opportunities with peace of mind knowing you have financial support.

Traditional financing models can create hurdles when your institution needs cash quickly. Revolving Credit Lines solves this challenge by providing a pre-approved pool of funds. Draw as needed, pay interest only on what you use, and replenish the credit line as you repay – all with our higher education financing expertise guiding you.

Unlock Financial agility with CAM’s revolving credit lines for higher education:

  • Pre-Approved funds: Access capital on-demand without lengthy application processes.
  • Pay as you go: Interest is charged only on the amount you utilize.
  • Replenishable line: Available credit is restored as you make repayments.
  • Higher education experts: We understand the financial dynamics of your institution.
Gain financial flexibility and streamline your institution’s cash flow with CAM!


  • Flexibility: Revolving credit gives institutions access to cash with minimal wait and red tape.
  • Control: You control how much you utilize and when minimizing interest costs.
  • Seasonality: Revolving credit helps offset fluctuations common to higher education budgets (enrollment cycles, projects, etc.).
  • Expertise: CAM’s team knows the financial nuances of higher education.

Apply for the Revolving Credit Lines

You can apply for the revolving credit for higher learning institutions online or by contacting us directly. Our client services team will respond to you within one business day.


To underwrite the loan, we will request and review institution financials, governance information, enrollment data, etc.

 Line of Credit Offer

We will present a proposal for your higher learning institution’s line of credit which will delineate the terms of the line. We will present the proposal of our line of credit for your institution to you and make adjustments as needed.

 Line of Credit Closing Process

Should you decide to proceed, we will begin the loan closing process and set a closing agenda. This process includes the review and execution of loan agreements, verifying the borrowing base, implementing cash dominion, and finalizing the loan advance.

 Line Advance Funded

Once all agreements are signed and the closing items completed for the revolving credit for your higher learning institution, we will process the line advance and wire the funds to your institution’s account for their funding credit.

Talk to a Higher Learning Institution Funding Expert

Start by consulting with a higher learning institution funding professional at CAM who can learn more about your institution and help you get started. We’ll assist you through the process of a getting line of credit for your higher learning institution every step of the way.

Start here and give us a call.

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