CAM can lend to higher learning institutions on parity with existing bonds. These loans are structured in a parity position with bondholders or subject to specific collateral carve-outs. Bond parity loans are typically 1 to 3 years in length and align with existing bond covenants.

Invest in your institution’s future with the stability of bond parity financing from CAM. Our solutions provide access to capital for major projects, unlocking the potential for new facilities, renovations, and the resources to fuel your mission. With CAM’s expertise in higher education, you’ll navigate bond financing confidently.

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CAM’s bond parity financing for higher education institutions delivers:

  • Long-term funding: Secure stable financing for major campus projects.
  • Flexible for diverse projects: Finance new construction, extensive renovations, and more.
  • Higher education specialization: CAM understands your institution’s specific needs and goals

Securing large-scale funding for campus improvements can be complex. CAM’s bond parity financing simplifies the process and maximizes the impact of your investment. Our team guides you through every step, from bond issuance to project completion, ensuring the most favorable terms and outcomes for your institution.


  • Long-term Stability: Ideal for projects with long lifespans and stable revenue streams to support repayment
  • Project Scope: Bond financing unlocks large-scale projects that significantly enhance your institution.
  • Expertise: CAM knows the intricacies of higher education bond financing.

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