CAM Provides Funding to Harbor Springs Charter School

CAM proudly funds Harbor Springs Charter School for $12.5M for their new campus acquisition and $2M for tenant improvements via a term loan. Harbor Spring will launch its new learning center in Chula Vista, California, serving more than 700 students on location. 

Harbor Springs Charter Schools operates over 20 campuses across Southern California and serves over 10,000 students in grades K-12, and they are only continuing to expand. CAM recently closed a $14.5M real estate acquisition and construction term loan for the school’s next campus. 

The school’s wide-ranging success has come through offering a variety of learning opportunities for each student. There’s not only the option to choose between home school, classic in-class, and a customized hybrid approach, but also the option to choose from various approaches to education such as Montessori, Mosaic, Magnolia, and more. High school students are able to incorporate internships, CTE courses, and college credit courses into their study to prepare for college or career plans after graduation. 

Harbor Springs Charter Schools believes that children are naturally curious and interested in learning, which makes their work focus on allowing for those innate interests to grow. A student-driven approach to education yields passionate, empowered individuals who are ready to make a change in their communities.