CAM Overview

Charter Asset Management Fund, L.P. (CAM) is a private credit fund that provides short and medium-term financing solutions to charter schools, colleges, and universities nationwide.

Since 2013, CAM has established itself as a respected financing partner to hundreds of charter schools, private colleges, and universities by offering competitive rates, efficient turnaround, and flexible financing options largely unavailable from traditional banks and the bond markets.

The fund’s strategy is a mix of term loans, lines of credit, bridge financing backed by assets and real estate, and the factoring of state-guaranteed receivables.

Fund Information

Asset ClassNiche Private Credit
StrategyShort & Medium Term Secured Loans & Factoring to Charter Schools and Higher Learning Institutions
History10+ Years (Est. 2013); $1 Billion+ Funded Since Inception
OrganizationIndependent; Employee-owned
Headquarters533 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor, Palo Alto, California
Main Office633 W. 5th Street, 26th Floor, Los Angeles, California

How We Got Here

CAM was founded by two friends passionate about education, and with expertise in finance. They believed charter schools could improve
our education system, but they knew those schools needed access to capital in order to succeed.

In 2013, CAM funded our first school in East Los Angeles. We’ve since funded over one billion dollars to charter schools nationwide. We’ve helped hundreds of charter schools to succeed, and start new initiatives like dual language immersion and STEM programs.

Today, CAM is one of the leading providers of financing to charter schools in the United States. We’re a proud part of the charter school
movement, a vital part of the American educational system. We’ve always been committed to helping
charter schools achieve their goals.

Making a Difference

How We Supported Arts in Action

Arts in Action is a charter school with a focus on arts and entrepreneurship. They believed having skills in these areas helps
students to develop self-confidence, problem-solving abilities, and creativity.

CAM provided funding to Arts in Action in 2015, which empowered them to expand their campus and hire more teachers. As a result, they were able to admit more students and offer additional programs. We’re proud to see that our funding made a real difference in the lives of their students.

A True PartnershipOur financing Professionals can help you understand the complicated landscape of charter school financing. We’ll work with you closely every step of the way.
Service with a Personal TouchOur team is here to help you with loan requests, factoring requests, ongoing loan and factoring maintenance, reporting, compliance, and any other questions. We’re more than your lender, we’re a long-term partner.

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