Cam’s flexible term loans for private colleges and universities offer financing for a variety of needs, including:
  • General Working Capital
  • Facilities improvements
  • Debt restructuring
  • New initiative
  • Special projects
Key features and benefits: 
  • Long periods from one to three years
  • Variable interest rates based on the underlying prime rate
  • Options for upfront funding or delayed draw installments (ideal for facilities projects) 
  • Flexible amortization schedules to reduce monthly payments
  • Competitive closing, annual, and early termination fees
CAM term loans are designed with higher learning institutions in mind, offering: 
  • Long amortization periods: Lower your monthly debt service obligations, freeing up funds for essential operations.
  • Flexible funding: Receive the full loan upfront or opt for delayed-draw installments– perfect for planned projects. 
  • Predictable planning: The CAM term loan structure simplifies your institution’s financial forecasting. 
  • Student-focused financing: Your loan amount aligns with state aid generated by enrollment, a unique advantage CAM provides over traditional banks. 

Let CAM help you invest in your higher learning institution’s future. Contact us to explore your financing options. 

Term Loans– Step by Step

Apply For a Term Loan.

Applying for a term loan can be done either on our website or by reaching out to our team of professionals directly.

CAM Will Review Your Higher Learning Institution Situation

In order to receive term loans for higher learning institutions, and for a better understanding of your financial situation, CAM may ask for additional documents or vinformation to review.

CAM Loan Offer

Once the review process is over, CAM will reach out with a loan offer. We can then discuss making modifications if needed.

Closing Process

If you decide to move forward, we will establish the loan terms and provide agreements for further review, verify financing amounts, and finalize the loan.

Term Loan Funded

Once the closing process is complete, the agreed amount of the loan is funded upfront at closing to your higher learning institution.

Talk to a Higher Learning Institution Funding Expert

Term loans for higher learning institutions are often the perfect solution for capital projects such as expansion or improvements.

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