Don’t let funding delays stall your higher education projects. CAM’s bridge loans provide fast, flexible capital to bridge the gap between project approval and long-term financing. Seize time-sensitive opportunities, initiate renovations on schedule, and keep your institution’s momentum strong.  

Traditional financing timelines can create hurdles for higher education institutions. CAM’s bridge loans are the solution, providing the interim funding you need to start critical projects, land opportunistic real estate deals, or manage cash flow during transitions. Our team understands the complexities of higher education finance and works quickly to deliver the support you need. 

CAM’s bridge loans for higher education institutions offer:

  • Fast approval and funding: Don’t miss out on critical opportunities.
  • Flexible terms: Tailored to meet your institution’s specific needs.
  • Bridge to long-term financing: Smoothly transition into permanent funding solutions.
  • Higher education expertise: Benefit from CAM’s understanding of your sector.

Unlock your institution’s potential with CAM’s bridge loans.


  • Speed: Bridge loans are designed for quick approval funding.
  • Transition Focus: Bridge loans smooth the path toward a larger financing strategy.
  • Expertise: CAM understands the unique needs of higher education institutions.

Scenarios where CAM’s bridge loans are useful:

  • Time-Sensitive Acquisitions: Your institution finds the perfect property for expansion, but traditional financing processes won’t close in time. A bridge loan provides the funds to secure the property while you work on long-term financing such as a bond issuance.
  • Renovation Scheduling: Renovations of a crucial campus building need to happen during the summer break, but finding approval is delayed. A bridge loan covers initial costs to start the project on time.
  • Cash Flow Gaps: Enrollment growth or unexpected expenses cause a temporary cash shortfall. A bridge loan provides needed funds while your institution seeks additional revenue sources or adjusts its budget.
  • Transition to Permanent Funding: You’ve been approved for a major bond issuance or grant program, but the funds take time to disburse. A bridge loan covers expenses that can’t wait.

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CAM offers among the best bridge financing for charter schools because we’re highly attentive to the needs of your institution. You can apply either on our website or by reaching out to our team of professionals directly. We respond to inquiries quickly and will talk you through every step of your school’s bridge loan process.

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