CAM provides bridge financing for charter schools for a variety of situations. Bridge loans can help schools acquire facilities or land to build campuses while waiting for a public bond issuance or can help mitigate cash flow gaps due to enrollment growth or any issues with state funding. Bridge loans are typically one year or less but can be extended. CAM bridge loans are based on a variable interest rate base on the underlying prime rate with a closing fee and no early termination fees. The amortization can be longer than the loan period reducing debt service. Bridge loans can also have interest-only payment plans given the right situation. 

Bridge funding for schools is often used to finish projects that current finances don’t cover. Some examples include:

  • Renovating your existing facilities
  • Building a new facility
  • Acquiring land to build
  • Paying expenses for new programs
  • Paying expenses for increased enrollment or new grades

Helpful Tips Before Applying

  • Include a demonstration showcasing the project you are trying to complete, explaining the need for your school’s bridge funding
  • Have your monthly financial reports ready to share and discuss.
  • Start the application process as soon as you realize you need the funding. The sooner you are able to begin, the sooner your charter school will receive the bridge financing it needs.

Talk to a Bridge Funding Expert for Schools

CAM offers among the best bridge financing for charter schools because we’re highly attentive to the needs of your institution. You can apply either on our website or by reaching out to our team of professionals directly. We respond to inquiries quickly and will talk you through every step of your school’s bridge loan process.

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