CAM Funds Phoenix Charter Academy for Campus and Land Acquisition

Previously, Phoenix Charter Academy College View (PCACV) had focused on homeschool programs serving K-12 students in Shasta County, California and the contiguous counties. When the program decided to build a permanent campus, PCACV reached out to CAM for a $1M term loan to acquire the land needed. CAM is pleased to support Phoenix as they expand opportunities for more flexible learning.

Phoenix Charter Academy College View celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of each child by providing personalized learning experiences. PCACV offers parents a wider variety of choices for their child’s education and as much involvement as the parents are able. The increased flexibility does not decrease the quality of the education though, as PCACV is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The staff is highly trained and capable of providing the personalized, high-quality education that students deserve.

In addition to K-12 courses, Phoenix also helps high school students get a headstart on college by providing concurrent college coursework. Students are able to earn credits toward the local community college before graduation. The concurrent college work program is a testament to the school’s commitment to the child’s full academic career.