How to Get Charter School Capital

Charter Asset Management is one of the most trusted funding sources in the country, providing flexible and affordable financing options to new and existing charter schools in 17 states. Since 2014, we have provided $300 million to more than 250 charter schools nationwide –– helping these schools improve operations and expand services.

At CAM, we’re committed to helping charter schools offer the best education experience possible to their students. We also understand that securing a reliable charter school capital source is essential to achieving this goal. That’s why we offer a variety of charter school financing options, including:

Growth Funding
As your charter school’s enrollment expands, our growth funding can help you cover the increased expenditures, from upgrading your facilities to hiring new teachers and staff.

Gap Financing
Having cash on hand as you launch your school or expand your services is crucial. CAM provides gap financing for financially uncertain situations, such as funding deficits and delays.

Operational Funding
CAM can provide you the operational funding necessary to cover your regular payments, such as payroll, benefits, interest payments, and utilities while you wait to receive funds from the state, grants and donations, or other lenders.

Capital Expenditures
Capital expenditure funding is a great option when you need to upgrade your facilities or purchase new equipment and supplies for your charter school. We can quickly provide a lump sum to ensure you keep your school running smoothly.

Working Capital
If you need funds to cover more immediate expenses, such as bills you owe within the next month or supplies vendors who are waiting on payment, we can provide the fast, short-term working capital funding.