CAM Funds 5 Vegas Schools

Charter schools are thriving in Nevada. CAM is the ongoing funding partner of five charter schools in the greater Las Vegas area providing the capital needed to fuel growth, increase enrollment, improve programs, and build out facilities.  These schools are Futuro Academy, TEACH Academy of Las Vegas, Sage Collegiate Charter School, Battle Born Academy, and Cactus Park Elementary. CAM has also supported Coral Academy of Reno with working capital as of their charter school facilities bonds.

Front entrance of Futuro Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada

Futuro Academy

Futuro Academy is a K-5 college preparatory charter school in East Las Vegas, built upon rigorous academics that inspire personal excellence. The program integrates high-quality teaching and high expectations with strategic support, family engagement, and focus on character development. Through empowering the community, students are able to excel through middle school, high school, and university.

Futuro plans to grow into serving up through 8th grade with a special consideration for English as a second language and supporting parents in the opportunities education provides for their children.

Futuro uses CAM’s revolving line of credit for working capital and programming expenses.

Battle Born Academy

Battle Born Academy, a new public charter school in downtown Las Vegas, just launched this August to full capacity, and with a sizable waiting list serving students entering Kindergarten, 1st, 5th, and 6th grades, and will scale to serve K-8 in the coming years.

A pedagogical model built upon joy & collaboration. Battle Born Academy’s holistic and equitable approach to education aims to cultivate curiosity and motivate students to achieve at high levels while still encouraging them to be their authentic selves.

Battle Born received working capital from CAM to help with school launch and their first year operational needs.

View of Battle Born Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada

TEACH Las Vegas Public Schools

TEACH Las Vegas Public Schools, located in northwest Las Vegas, opened in Fall 2021 with the drive to foster a relationship-centered learning environment that nurtures students academically, emotionally, and socially. TEACH places an emphasis on positive-driven interactions to help students learn through innovative, creative, enriching experiences.

In the 2022-23 school year, the school offers Kindergarten through 7th grade to over 300 students and anticipates adding a grade level each year until they reach 12th. The TEACH Public Schools network already has 3 campuses in Los Angeles serving as a model for the new Las Vegas institute.

TEACH uses CAM funding to support their facilities growth initiatives.

Front entrance of Cactus Park Elementary in Las Vegas, Nevada

Cactus Park Elementary

Cactus Park Elementary, part of the pilotED Foundation, opened for the 2022 school year to students K-4. They hope to double in size to 500 students and expand to fifth grade. With an emphasis on mental health and social-emotional identity, the school uses a variety of learning methods to interrupt generational cycles of poverty.

With an on-campus farm, cactus garden, and more, educators aim to restore students’ connect to nature as well as to themselves by building confidence through hands-on learning. A strong sense of self can help students achieve more in higher education.

Cactus Park received working capital from CAM to help with school launch and their first year operational needs.

Sage Collegiate Charter

After a delayed start due to the pandemic, Sage Collegiate Charter is opening its doors to grades K through 5 for fall 2022 and planning to add one grade level per year until they reach 8th grade. With a strong emphasis on literacy as the foundation for all education, Sage plans to steer their students towards college from their very first year. 

In addition to their focus on academic success, the charter also aims to provide a stable, consistent learning environment for their students. In prioritizing their security, children will be better able to achieve their educational goals.

Sage Collegiate received working capital from CAM to help with school launch and their first year operational needs.

Front entrance of Sage Collegiate Charter