Charter School Funding in Your State

Charter Asset Management (CAM) was started in 2012 with a belief that all students deserve the best education possible –– and furthermore, that education should encourage them to reach beyond their potential. Whether your charter school is just getting off the ground, or you’re hoping to improve your operations as you head into another school year, we can help by providing the capital you need, right when you need it. To date, CAM has distributed more than $500 million to over 300 charter schools nationwide.

Read on to learn more about CAM’s charter school funding in your state.

Our Funding Options

CAM is committed to providing your school with the capital you need to launch successfully, build your operations, and improve your facilities. We provide charter school funding in your state through a variety of programs for which you can apply:

  • Operations Funding
  • Growth Funding
  • Working Capital
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Gap Financing