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State Aid Deferrals – View Informational Brochure (PDF)
Per-Pupil Funding Reductions
ADA / Enrollment Level Freezes
General Financial Challenges due to Recession

We Have the Tools You Need

CAM has all the financing programs you need to deal with per-pupil funding reductions, weather state-aid deferrals, and mitigate ADA level freezes, all of which are happening across the country for the 2020-21 school year. Our programs will help you reopen and thrive for this school year and beyond.

Proven Track Record from Last Recession

Charter schools experienced similar issues after the Great Recession 10 years ago with multiple years of deferrals and reduction in funding across the board. Our factoring program helped hundreds of schools weather the last recession with more than $500M funded to charter schools nationwide. We can help you today with even better programs.

Solution One

Our factoring program, also called receivable sales, is the most efficient, low-cost program to help mitigate deferrals and manage your cash flow during the recession. For the months where your state aid is either deferred to future months or reduced, we can advance the capital you need at a fair and reasonable cost.

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Solution Two

The California State Deferral Financing Program is a partnership with Stifel designed to be a one-stop funding solution for state deferrals in California and beyond. Your school can pre-qualify for the program now and will have a choice between factoring and Revenue Anticipation Notes (RANS) issued via the California School Finance Authority (CSFA).

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Here are some resources to help you stay informed. 

  3.  – School Services of CA, requires subscription
  5. CSDC (, requires subscription
  6. Senate Assembly Committee on Budget
  7. Assembly Committee on Budget

Funding Programs

factoring Factoring

Factoring is a short-term financing tool where CAM purchases your school’s future state-aid and advances the capital to you now. Factoring is great to fuel enrollment growth, mitigate state-aid deferrals, and bridge cash gaps. Although factoring is fast and reliable, we recommend using it for urgent situations and as a last resort.

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lines-of-credit Revolving Line of Credit

This is CAM’s flagship program. A line of credit is a revolving loan that runs between 1 to 5 years. Once the line is open, your school can drawdown at any time. The school makes monthly payments based on an average outstanding balance. Our revolving line of credit is low-cost, flexible, and ideal for general working capital purposes.

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term-loans Term Loans

In a term loan, the full loan amount is funded upfront. The school makes fixed monthly payments amortized over the duration of the loan. Term loans are between 1 and 5 years and are ideal for capital projects like tenant improvements and other expansion purposes.

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start-up-capital Start-up Capital

Start-up capital is for new charters seeking seed money before launch. It is funded in the spring of the year zero. Start-up capital can be factoring or small term loans.

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Pre-Bond Financing Pre-Bond Financing

Pre-bond financing is a medium-term financing tool that helps bridge to a bond issuance. CAM loans your school the funds you need for pre-development and other bond issuance related costs. The bond then takes out CAM’s loan.

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Revenue Anticipation Notes Revenue Anticipation Notes

For charters with a proven track-record, the school can issue RANS via a public authority. CAM then buys the notes and funds your school. This is a medium to long term solution with the best rates.

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