Funds for Opening Up a Charter School and More

Fast, reliable funding from Charter Asset Management is available to all eligible charter schools and management organizations, including those that are opening up a charter school, creating an independent study program, implementing blended learning, and/or running site-based schools.

We have funded schools with enrollment as low as 30 students and charter management organizations that have over 40,000 students at multiple sites. All funding options are considered on an individual basis, with the goal of minimizing cost to your institution.

How To Get Funding For A Charter School

The eligibility factors for receiving financial assistance from CAM are as follows:

  • A charter approved by the Department of Education in any state in the U.S.
  • Approval from and good standing with the local authorizer
  • Proof of Attendance
  • A determination by us of financial soundness after we review applicable statements,

Our goal is to provide charter schools with funding they need to sustain their mission of providing quality education. If you need help determining your institution’s eligibility, please contact us today, and we will assess your eligibility for receiving specific types of funding.

Get Started Today

Whether you are opening up a charter school or improving one that has been established for awhile, with funding from Charter Asset Management, you can receive the short-term funds you need in under a week, making anytime a great time to apply.

To apply for funding, please complete our simple application online. For questions about our services and types of funding, contact us today to receive a quick response.