Charter Asset Management (CAM) provides fast and affordable working capital for charter school growth and expansion, charter school cash flow issues due to state-aid deferrals, irregular funding cycles, and other factors, and start-up funds for new charter schools. To better understand how we can serve you, see answers to our frequently received questions.

Q: How does your organization acquire the funds it distributes?

We use a combination of funds sourced from foundations, high net worth individuals, banks, family investment offices, and fund of funds. CAM is governed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), independently audited annually, and is a privately held company.

Q: Can your clients receive funding from you more than once?

Yes. Clients can re-apply at any time, based on their eligible financial needs. Many of our clients consistently fund on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Q: In addition to charter schools, do you assist CMOs and EMOs?

Yes. Eligible charter schools, CMOs, and EMOs are all organizations we work with.

Q: Do certain types of applicants receive priority over others?

No. All funding for eligible charter schools has the same importance to us. No active or prospective client receives special priority over another.

Q: Do you offer funding for charter schools outside of California?

Yes. In addition to California, we provide funds for charter schools in 16 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Q: Do you fund the expansion of established charter schools?

Yes. We do growth funding for schools which have increasing enrollment, expansion to new campuses, and CMO’s with new charters added to their portfolio.

Q: What do I need to submit to be considered for funding?

For our initial review, we request a variety of financial and governance documents from your institution. Download our Funding Application Checklist to receive the information you need.

Q: How long does it take for eligible clients to receive funds?

We can fund your institutions in as little as two to three business days. However, we recommend that you plan ahead for at least one to two weeks, so we can thoroughly review your application. The more lead time, the better.

Q: What types of fees must be paid to receive funds from CAM?

We charge two variable fees: an administrative fee and a discount fee. The total cost of funding varies, depending on the timing of your state's charter school funding cycle and other possible factors. Exact costs are provided in our non-binding funding proposals.

Q: Is your funding distributed in a lump sum or in installments?

We typically distribute funds in a lump sum, so clients need not worry about running short on funds. We can also fund in installments to prevent the hassle of requesting funds on an ongoing basis.

Q: Does your organization offer asset management for clients?

No. We simply provide funding. It is the responsibility of the school’s financial management team to manage internal finances.

Q: Do you provide reports to clients about funding or other issues?

We provide monthly reports, invoices, weekly fund distribution statements, and other types of reports that clients request for accounting purposes, tax reasons, the school’s annual audit, and/or to satisfy any of their unique reporting needs.

Q: What advantages do you provide that your competitors don’t?

We offer five major advantages: lower costs to your school, more flexible funding, faster turnaround time for funds, funding for schools in states that aren’t a part of a competitor’s service area, and an honest, transparent way of business.

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