"CAM has saved our school from another company where we felt trapped into long-term contracts with very high fees. Paul and David have been very receptive to our needs. They are accessible, and we genuinely feel that they are committed to supporting our school. I highly recommend CAM for any school that wants a personal touch and very reasonable rates."
Dr. Glenda Aleman
Executive Director
Arts in Action Community Charter
Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

"As a start-up charter school in our second year of operation, finding adequate funding at an affordable rate has been a tremendous challenge. Thanks to Charter Asset Management, not only have we been able to save money while covering monthly expenses, but we also have peace of mind knowing that additional financing is available when we need it. We highly recommend CAM to any school in need of financing."

Dr. Virgie Rentie
CEO / Executive Director
REACH Leadership Academy
Riverside, California

Operating during the first year of a charter can be tough, with many challenges ahead and limited funding resources most financing companies implement policies that are stringent and provide little flexibility. CAM not only provided us the flexibility we needed but also allowed us to overcome the financial obstacles of our first year of operation successfully and thrive as a school in our community. We are thankful for our partnership with CAM and their dedicated team.   

Natalie Williams
Founder and Chief Operations Office
Granville T Woods Academy of Innovation
Memphis, Tennessee

"Charter Asset Management has been a strategic and helpful partner and played a dominant role in our schools growth. With timing always being an issue, CAM has always been reliable in providing the financial support needed on time. CAM really understands how charters operate unlike any other financing partner we have worked with.”                                                                          

Zachary Eikenberry
Founder & CEO
Next High School
South Carolina

We highly value our working partnership with Charter Asset Management, who provided the financial support to facilitate the development of our dream school. Paul Im and his team at CAM understood and was receptive to the needs of our charter school and provided outstanding support at a highly personal level with funding available immediately when we needed it. This outstanding organization is truly a gem in the world of charter finance."

Ms. Diane Pritchard
Founder & Board President
Village Charter
Valley Village, CA

“We came to know CAM while our Charter School was in its most vulnerable moment. We did not have any start -up funds and the bills were coming fast. CAM stepped in and supplied the necessary funds. Thanks CAM.”

Dr. Annie McKoy
Founder & Executive Director
Reaching All Minds Academy
Durham, North Carolina

"It's been a pleasure to work with CAM because they have been supportive to our unique needs."

Ms. Vanessa Howard
Board President
Academy of Science and Engineering
Los Angeles, California