Grace Hopper STEM Academy - Inglewood, CA

Started in 2013, Grace Hopper STEM Academy (GHSA) is an all-girls public charter school in the heart of Inglewood, California. California has over 1,000 charter schools, but GHSA is unique for a variety of reasons, including: providing a strong academic foundation to broaden students’ exposure to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, a scholarly focus on the sciences, and on-campus housing available for up to 25 foster girls in grades 6-8.

The dorm and campus of GHSA provide a physically and intellectually safe environment for all of the school’s students, empowering them to become imaginative problem solvers, energized learners, and creative thinkers.

Funding From CAM

After opening its doors, GHSA expanded rapidly and needed Charter Asset Management’s assistance in securing fast, reliable access to capital. Since 2014, CAM has provided over $1.6 million for Grace’s programs. We partnered with the school to provide scholarships for Grace’s graduates to attend the private St. Mary’s High School just across the street.

Pillars of Character

CAM is proud of our straightforward, honest approach to working with our clients. We strongly feel that the way we conduct business is exemplified by GHSA’s 6 Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

Like Grace Hopper STEM Academy, we go above and beyond. To learn more about how we’ve assisted the academy and how we can help your own school, please contact us today.