Charter School Funding

CAM is passionate about supporting the innovative, high-quality education that public charter schools bring to students. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many of these outstanding schools, as well as education management organizations (EMOs) and charter management organizations (CMOs) that help charter schools advance their mission.

We are also especially proud to support all types of educational programs at charters, including site-based schools, blended learning models, virtual schools, and all independent study programs.

We assist our clients by providing secure, fast, low-cost access to the charter school funding they need to operate with greater financial freedom and flexibility. When a school, a CMO, or an EMO works with us, we strive to be more than a funding source. We aspire to be partners in the journey of developing quality school programs that prepares students for a bright future.

Our Clients

CAM has assisted a diverse array of charter schools, including The Learn4Life network of schools in California and the High Point Academies in South Carolina and Texas, among many others.

To date, we have provided over $300 million in charter school funding to more than 300 schools, CMOs, and EMOs. In addition, our community program provides grants and scholarships that have touched the lives of more than 5,000 students nationwide.

Contact Us Today

It can be challenging to find adequate funding at an affordable rate, especially as a start-up charter school. Whether you school is just opening or is already established, contact us today to learn how we can address your capital needs that must be met for your school to thrive.