About CAM

Charter Asset Management (CAM) was founded in 2012, with a mission to support the growth of public charter schools by providing fast, reliable access to essential types of funding. CAM helps charter schools by affordably expediting the acquisition of funds they need to be successful.

We believe all charter schools deserve dependable, low-cost funding. In providing funding, honest and transparent communication is a cornerstone of our organization. Our open, friendly, client-centric approach is largely why 75% of our new clients come from client referrals.

Service Area

We provide funding to public charter schools, and work with CMOs and EMOs to further assist the schools. Funding is available for both startup expenses and the expansion of existing institutions, as well as to mitigate cash flow issues. We have a wider service area than any charter funding organization in the U.S. This lets us assist schools and management organizations that may not have many other options.

We currently serve clients in 17 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Our Services

Our funding programs are designed to conform to the needs of your school, based on guidelines for your state and by your authorizer. To schools in states served, CAM provides multiple types of essential funding, the amount of which is determined by a school’s individual needs:

Operational Funding - If you can’t cover necessary payments for payroll, teachers, vendors, personnel, and/or interest payments due to delays in receiving grants, donations or contributions, and/or funding from the state, a bank, or an independent lender, we can provide you with needed cash flow.

Growth Funding - If your school is growing in enrollment, we can help with the increased expenses to hire teachers and expand your school via growth funding.

Working Capital - Whether you need to keep the lights on, provide classroom supplies, retain security and janitorial services, or you require capital for another approved expenditure, we can supply the working capital you require.

Capital Expenditures - If you need to acquire or upgrade buildings, or purchase equipment, we can provide the capital expenditure funding you need to move forward. We supply funding up to millions of dollars per client, allowing you to make the expenditures you need in a timely manner.

Gap Financing - We provide gap financing to resolve funding deficits your school may experience during its initial establishment, or when you are expanding your institution.

Grants and Donations - These forms of funding are highly desirable because they are disbursed to schools, with no obligation for the school to pay grant providers and donators.

No Hidden Fees

CAM offers a simple, transparent fee structure. We charge two variable fees: an administrative fee and a discount fee. The total cost of funding varies, depending on the timing of your state's charter, funding cycle, and your school’s internal enrollment and financial factors.

Exact costs are provided when we submit our funding proposal to you. Proposals are non-binding and provide full details for the financial assistance we can offer your school, as well as how we would collect compensation.

Contact Us Today

CAM has provided over $300 million in funds to more than 250 charter schools nationwide, while also assisting CMOS and EMOs. Whether you are establishing a new school or expanding an existing one, we can help you start operating or continue operating by eliminating financial obstacles. Contact us today to learn what we can provide for your institution’s funding needs.