Alta Public Schools of Los Angeles, made up of the Academia Moderna, Prepa Tec Middle School, and Prepa Tec High School, were founded by husband and wife Xavier and Griselda Reyes who witnessed the devastation wrought upon their neighborhood and local education system by the Great Recession.

The couple moved to South Los Angeles in 2005 to start a family and soon realized the neighborhood, the same one in which Xavier grew up, desperately needed better schools. The school is designed to “provide a world-class education to every student through an inquiry and investigative school model that will prepare students to meet the challenges of the global 21st century.” Alta Public Schools of Los Angeles is unique in that it is one of only a handful of public charter schools in California to offer the educational program known as the International Baccalaureate.

A Crisis Averted

The Reyes family believes that an education based on high academic achievement, standards-based instruction, positive student character development, and community participation is key in addressing many of the issues facing their neighborhood. The goal of the schools is to mold engaged citizens who will become active members of society while remaining connected to their families and neighbors. They know that active, well-educated residents can help revitalize the area and get it out from under the crisis that has been affecting it for so long.

Getting the Alta Public Schools of Los Angeles off the ground in 2005 was no easy task. When they contacted Charter Asset Management (CAM), the Reyeses were facing a lot of financing delays and the lifeline from CAM was critical. The schools most likely would have failed without CAM’s assistance, just as the neighborhood quite likely would have failed without the new schools.

Part Of The Family

One of the main values the Reyeses and their schools hold dear is that of family. At CAM, we are honored to know that Alta Public Schools looks our team as a partner in their school’s success. We’re proud to have been able to provide reliable access to capital to aid in the development of these schools.

At CAM, we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the most dynamic charter schools in the country, such as the Alta Public Schools of Los Angeles. To learn more about how we assisted Alta, or to see what we can do for your school, contact our team today!

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