Funding Programs

How to Fund a Charter School

Whether you are starting a new charter school or expanding an established one, determining how to fund a charter school can be complex. After calculating how much of your budget will be satisfied by state funds, you then have to figure out how to bridge the financial gap through grants and donations and private fundraising.

However, this is not the last step. Once you have secured funds, you still need to receive them. Unfortunately, the process is often delayed. This is why Charter Asset Management offers an array funding programs that deliver fast, affordable, reliable funding to public charter schools, CMOs and EMOs in as little as two days. Below is a list of our programs for which your institution can apply.

Operational Funding

If your operational cash flow is low due to budget shortfalls or delays in receiving funding from your state, a bank, or another lender, or you have yet to receive awarded grants and donations, CAM can provide you the financing necessary to cover your regular payments, such as payroll, benefits, teachers’ salaries, interest payments, and monthly utilities.

Growth Funding

When your school’s enrollment is expanding, our growth funding can help cover the increased expenditures, such as hiring new teachers and renovating classrooms.

Working Capital

Working capital funding is needed to cover your school’s short-term expenses, such as bills you owe within the next month and vendors who have been waiting for payment, as long as the funds go toward achieving your charter’s mission.

Capital Expenditures

When you need to expand your facilities, or you need new equipment to keep your school running smoothly, capital expenditure funding is a great option. We can quickly provide up to millions of dollars in a lump sum to ensure that there is no delay in obtaining the furnishings, machinery, or structures you institution needs.

Gap Financing

During startup and year zero, or when expanding, there are often funding deficits and delays. CAM provides gap financing for these financially uncertain situations.

Grants and Donations

Our passion for assisting charter schools goes beyond short-term funding. We also offer access to grants and donations. Please inquire about these opportunities, in addition to our other sources of funding.

Funding for Your Needs

When you need to learn how to fund a charter school, look no further than us. We provide a variety of funding options to ensure the demands of your school and situation are addressed efficiently. Our pricing structure is simple and transparent. You never encounter hidden fees, and your exact costs are listed when we submit our non-binding funding proposal to you.

Apply Now

Let Charter Asset Management help eliminate your funding obstacles in as little as a few days. Apply online today. For questions about our services and funding options, please contact us to receive a prompt response. We look forward to seeing how we can support your institution.