Story of the Year

Charter School Success Stories

Since 2013, Charter Asset Management (CAM) has provided over $300 million in working capital to over 300 public charter schools across the country, helping them become charter school success stories. We take pride in our open and honest communication, and our ability to provide fast, dependable, low-cost access to short-term funding.

We help educators and administrators focus on what really matters: educating their students and expanding their schools. However, we know that assisting schools in their mission to provide innovative, high-quality, free education to students does not end in the classroom.

A Well-Rounded Education

To develop each student to her or his full potential takes more than excellent academic programs. This is why CAM has partnered with hundreds of public charter schools to create community programs that bring after-school projects and tutoring, scholarships, and transportation to more than 5,000 students nationwide.

In these programs, students gain access to experiences that teach them important social and creative skills, which will help them become powerful advocates for themselves and others.

We are proud of the work these schools have done and our involvement in helping them do it. Each year, we select one of our charter school success stories to share with you. We call it our “Story of the Year”. To learn how we can help your school become a success, contact us today.