Arts in Action Charter School - Boyle Heights, CA

Arts in Action Charter School opened in 2011 in Boyle Heights, California, with a mission to “inspire, prepare and empower” urban students. Arts in Action is particularly focused on aiding socioeconomically challenged students from areas where the only other education options are underperforming traditional public schools.

With in-depth instruction and curricula in the arts, rigorous academics programs, and evidence-based socio-emotional instruction, Arts in Action Charter School believes in developing the whole child, aiding each student in achieving his or her highest potential to become a successful, empowered citizen.

Aligning Visions

When Arts in Action felt trapped in a disagreeable, long-term contract with another funding organization, Charter Asset Management (CAM) stepped in to help. We worked with Arts in Action to determine their needs, offering strategic charter school funds and professional support.

We were particularly impressed with the school’s Child and Adult Care Food Program, which opened in 2013 and serves healthy, hot meals to students participating in afterschool programs. Arts in Action is one of many public charter schools whose vision of outstanding service to their students mirrors our own vision of honest, open, and dedicated service to our clients.

Funding Support

The team at CAM works hard to provide charter school funds educators and administrators of financial stress, so schools like Arts in Action can focus on providing quality education. To learn more about how we helped Arts in Action Charter school and how we can assist your own school, contact us today.